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At Ireland Appraisal Associates, LLC, we understand that if you're in need of a bail bond, your situation may be stressful. That's why we work hard to make getting a bond appraisal as painless as possible. Being in such a situation, you might have questions, and we've tried to answer a few of the more common ones below. If the information you need isn't below, contact us and we'll do our best to answer it in a timely manner.

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What are appraisals for bail bonds for?

If your loved one needs a bail bond in order to be released from custody, you can put up your property for bond as an alternative to cash bonds. Before a home or property can be used as a bond, the court must ensure that it's worth more than the dollar cost of the bond. To begin, a real estate appraiser must find the estimated value of your home with a bail bond appraisal. This is known as a property bond.

When is a bail bond appraisal required?

You need a bail bond appraisal if you want to use your property as a bail bond. This is a good alternative if someone close to you is jailed and you can't put down cash or other assets as collateral to discharge them.

What happens in a bail bond appraisal?

Bail bond appraisals, like other appraisals, consist of an inspection, followed by a written report from the appraiser explaining various factors that determine the value of a property. Every appraiser at Ireland Appraisal Associates, LLC is licensed and regulated by the Appraisal Foundation, local to the Richboro area, ethical, highly experienced, and dedicated to using the latest technology — so when you order an appraisal, you can rest assured that it's not just fast, but also standardized and very accurate.

What do I do if I need a bail bond appraisal now?

We understand that speed is essential, and we want to get someone you care for out of custody fast. We're happy to shift our schedules to ensure speedy service for your appraisal. We're willing to expedite your appraisal, so contact us today. But your appraisal order needs to be both fast AND accurate. Using your property as bond relies on the value of the property — normally, it must be valued between 150% to 200% the cost of the bail bond. So while we promise a fast appraisal, we will not cut corners that result in an inaccurate estimate that doesn't reflect the value of your property.

Information for bondsmen

If you're a bondsman looking for an appraiser that offers bail bond appraisal services, we've got the credentials and the knowledge to provide your clients with fast, stress-free appraisals. We have the credentials for bail bond appraisals, and we are be happy to help. Reach out to us for more information on our experience and credentials.